Holly Willoughby moved to tears by miracle 12-year-old with cerebral palsy who wrote a book using a spell board – Metro

Holly Willoughby was left close to tears on today’s episode of This Morning as she met an inspirational young boy with severe cerebral palsy who had written a book.

Young Jonathan, 12, was born with kidney and liver damage, and his mother Chantal was told that he would never be able to walk and talk due to the severity of the condition.

When he appeared on the show, he was close to an oxygen tank, as he is also unable to breathe without assistance.

However, he has overcome the odds, and while he can’t talk, has learned to communicate through a letter board that he points at with his eyes.

Speaking to Holly and Phil, Chantal sat beside Jonathan and spoke on his behalf as they spoke of his first ever book, Eye Can Write.

Holly clearly felt for Chantal, and related to her on the level of a mum, and was touched by Jonathan’s incredible story.

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