Fringe funnyman Laurence Clark opens his heart about the joys of raising a family while living with cerebral palsy – The Sunday Post

IT was only after comedian Laurence Clark met his wife, Adele, that the thought of having children crossed his mind.

Laurence was born with cerebral palsy and, having never met a dad with the condition, didn’t foresee himself becoming a father.

But Adele, who also has cerebral palsy, told him children were very much part of her future and they now have two sons, 13-year-old Tom and Jamie, seven.

The couple took part in a BBC Scotland documentary a few years ago about being parents living with the neurological condition.

But it was only last year, when the programme was uploaded to YouTube, that the couple realised what some people thought about them having kids.

“Anyone can leave a comment on YouTube and there are more than 1,000 comments on our documentary,” Laurence said.

“A lot were nice, but some weren’t nice at all.

“One wrote that it was irresponsible for someone in my position to have kids, while another commented that our sons would miss out on certain things because they had me as a dad.

“I would like to say it’s water off a duck’s back, but clearly it’s not, as it’s prompted me to write an hour-long comedy about it.”

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