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The Friedreich’s Ataxia Patient Spotlight is another method of raising awareness for Friedreich’s Ataxia. With an understanding of a rare disease and how crucial it is to get the word out, we are excited to share people’s stories and perspectives from all over the world. This week, coming to you from Dublin, Ireland, we have Laura Wright. With a knack for fashion and makeup, she makes life look good.

Name: Laura Wright

Age: 30

Age diagnosed: 15

Where do you live? Dublin, Ireland

How many siblings do you have? One younger sister

Do you have any known heart conditions? Cardiomyopathy

What device do you use for your mobility? Wheelchair

Did insurance help pay for your device? No

If you use a wheelchair full-time, how long was it after your diagnosis did you become dependent? About 10 years

Are you single, in a relationship or married? Single

Do you do physical therapy or any other form of exercising? Yes, I’m a wannabe gym bunny!

If so, how often? I go to the gym three times a week and work out at home every other day.

What is your preferred type of exercising (yoga, weightlifting, Pilates, cardio, etc.)? Cardio and weightlifting

Is it something you enjoy? Definitely

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