Eat raspberries to keep your heart racing! The fruit may slash risk of heart disease by keeping your blood vessels healthy, claims study – Daily Mail

Eating raspberries could slash the risk of heart disease, a study claims.

Scientists have found the summer smoothie favourite keeps blood vessels healthy and aids circulation.

An organisation made up of raspberry growers and importers, who part-funded the trial, described its results as ‘exciting’.

Kings College London researchers led the study, which also involved scientists from universities in Germany and Spain.

For the trial, 10 men consumed drinks made with either 200g or 400g of frozen raspberries, or two matched control drink.

All of the drinks were similar in terms of colour, taste and levels of polyphenols – compounds proven to help fight diseases.

Researchers done this on purpose, so that any effects they noted between the two drinks would be down to raspberries.

Participants had their blood and urine measured before drinking, two hours after consumption and a day later.

Volunteers who drunk the raspberry drink after two hours had better flow-mediated dilation (FMD) – the widening of an artery when blood flow increases.

FMD is an indicator of the health of the endothelial lining of the blood vessels, and the state of the lining can indicate a person’s risk of heart disease.

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