Eamonn Holmes awkwardly ‘flirts’ with The Undateables’ inspirational new cast – Irish Mirror

Smooth talking Eamonn Holmes was caught awkwardly ‘flirting’ with the new cast of The Undateables.

Esther Fall and Tobi Green-Adenowo spoke about their newfound confidence after appearing on the Channel 4 dating show.

The inspiring woman spoke about their reaction to getting the call from the producers and opened up on their conditions.

Eamonn revealed that Tobi had “chatted him up in the corridor” ahead of their on-air interview.

The This Morning presenter then told Esther that he fit the description of her dream man – but admitted he was already taken.

Nursing manager Esther put herself forward for the show after producers asked her to spread the word about the series.

Esther has had arteriovenous malformation, or AVM, since birth and has received surgery in the past.

She said: “It is difficult because you’re aware you don’t look like everybody else. I have got this visible difference.

“You’re confidence isn’t as good to be able to go out there and put yourself forward for dating.”

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