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Oded Ben Dov was demonstrating a game on TV that was controlled using head gestures. Giora Livne, a former Navy Commander who is a quadriplegic, called him up the next day said, “Hello, I can’t move my hands or legs, could you make me a smartphone I could use?”

That was the beginning of Sesame Enable. The two partnered up and set to create the world’s first Touch-Free Smartphone. The mission was to open a new door for millions who were left outside the smartphone revolution due to limited or no hand movement. Giora just wanted the phone to “order flowers for my wife”, but it was apparent that many others also want the independence and privacy of using a smartphone by themselves.

Today, the company has already launched several products with more in the works, to bring greater accessibility to people with disabilities. Sesame Enable is becoming the “young, fresh and extremely tech-y” company, in an often over-looked and under-served space.

  • Roisin Mc

    Absolutely amazing. Life changing technology

  • Nida Shahid

    No words amazing job was always wondering to be able to find something like this i am 80% disable person can imagine the happiness <3 love u people!

  • Ram Kalendarev

  • Shai Eilat

  • Ruth Harrigan

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