Go Power – More distance per push  Stop Power – On a dime
A wheelchair handrim designed by a quadriplegic veteran, RibGrips are perfect for anyone looking to push their wheelchair with more ease and comfort.
The ergonomic/responsive soft rib discs increase performance and decrease fatigue. RibGrips’ unique material offers longevity and 360 degrees of grip.
With this patent pending product you can say goodbye to gloves and calluses and hello to a whole new level of mobility.

  • Nannette Fridman Postel

    Awesome product, as a quad, they are life changing!

  • Kelly Lynn

    What an invention..definitely delivers what you expect...

  • Moore Cook

    I purchased RibGrips for my father. He liked them so much, we ordered another set for my mother. They are both very happy with them. Thank you

  • Tyler Thompson

    RibGrips are grippy and they do take impacts well, but they are not regular wear durable and really do only last as long as they say they do (which unfortunately 12 months is an annoyingly short lifespan IMO). But they do NOT grip in wet weather or snow conditions. Which unfortunately was the main reason I bought them. Once the ribgrips are wet, there is zero grip to the point of my hands flying forward suddenly cause of unpredictable slip. And snow is just as bad, and you also have 10X the surface area and crevices for snow to pack into, so when I get into a building after pushing through snow that is a couple inches deep, I have drug in a ton of it that is a pain to get out of the crevices, or leaves a giant puddle if you give it time to melt. Just the reality that it experienced after a year of use in MN. Finally switched back to my q-grip handrims and I'm much happier overall.

  • David Cope

    Highly recommended these grips makes pushing so much easier and far better than any rubber rims.

  • David McDonald

    Awesome product! Makes pushing so much easier thank you!

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