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Welcome to Dive Ability
Scuba diving for people with disabilities and disadvantages
Scuba diving can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, regardless of physical ability.
In fact, if you have a disability, scuba diving can offer you a unique sense of
freedom by transporting you into a world of weightlessness and unlimited intrigue.
Visit tropical coral reefs, historic shipwrecks, underwater caves, swim with
dolphins in their natural habitat. The possibilities are endless and every dive
immerses you in your own brand new adventure.
Dive Ability is a member led scuba diving charity committed to enabling people who have disabilities or disadvantages to discover the
adventurous world of scuba diving.
Achievement is realised through regular, educational pool sessions and diving holidays, with specialist support and equipment being
provided so that positive scuba diving experiences are accessible to all.
Dive Ability aims to make scuba diving accessible to as many
people as possible, regardless of physical ability or
Our motto is ‘breaking barriers with bubbles’ and that’s what
we constantly strive to achieve.
Every member of our team has a passion for scuba diving and
the immense sense of freedom it can offer. More than that,
we are passionate about sharing that freedom with you.
We aim to teach scuba diving in a way that suits you, at a pace
you are comfortable with and we aim to make it fun!

Contact Details

11 Selbourne Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 7NR

United Kingdom

07721 890058

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