Downs Designs Dreams – Providing and Donating Clothing Solutions to Those With Disabilities

Our Downs Designs line is specially designed to properly fit the unique body types of those with Down syndrome. It has 18 differently designed options from ages two through adult based on their body type. The Downs Designs line also designed it’s unique dip-down styles to meet the needs of individuals with belly sensitivities. Our NBZ line is for typical body types benefiting the elderly, disabled veterans, Parkinson’s, Autism, amputees, cerebral palsy, stroke victims, ALS, and many more. Both lines have soft stretchy sensory friendly denim, no buttons, zippers, or tags, and an elastic waistband. The Jeans do, however, allow for belt use, have a mock fly, and come in different fashionable styles. Our clothing provides wardrobe solutions that will match one’s peers while granting independent dressing for all. The organization has designed a black dress and khaki option for both lines as well, that will be available in June. The new additions will assist those with their formal, school, and employment needs.

Downs Designs Dreams has created its Adopt-A-Jean Friday Program to donate clothing solutions to those with disabilities and their families at no cost, upon submitting stories that educate others about the clothing struggles faced by those with disabilities. Every Friday from those submissions we donate several pair and hope the program continues to grow. Here is the link to submit for a donated pair of Jeans:

Our Organization also has its Support-A-Veteran Adopt-A-Jean program that donates our NBZ Jeans to Veterans, veteran groups, and veteran clinics. As a veteran myself, I’m very passionate about this program. These programs make our clothing solutions available to all who are in need. Here is a link to more information about our veteran program:

Recently on top of our Adopt-a-Jean Friday program we have also had several other successful operations. We worked with the Cleveland Va and donated 50 pair to the veterans there, and we have started the same process with the veterans in the Central Texas VA. We also started some great programs with area high schools, where students are engaging in projects that will donate clothing to the special needs students within their own school district. It has been great to see those we have helped and we would like to reach out and help more.


Downs Designs Dreams – Dec News Letter

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