College internship scheme helps man with learning disabilities secure full-time job – Grimsby Live

A 19-year old with learning disabilities has secured a full-time job at the Forest Pines hotel after taking part in John Leggott College’s new supporting internship programme.

Tom Boston, who has special needs, did not think he would be able to find a place in the working world after struggling in his first two years as a John Leggott student. However, in his final year he joined the programme and thanks to this, has now found full-time work.

The ethos behind the supporting internship is getting young people with disabilities into employment, that otherwise struggle from transitioning from college into the working world.

Mark Device, who works for the college, in Scunthorpe, has been helping Tom over the last 12 months and said he was delighted to see him secure a full-time job at the hotel, near Broughton.

Mark said: “Tom has done brilliant for Forest Pines and it’s amazing that the supporting internship has helped him to the extent that it has. It’s amazing for us, it’s exactly why we started this programme.

“Tom struggles with his communication and would struggle in an interview environment. So we aim to arrange placements, and work with the company, in this instance Forest Pines, to help get Tom working.”

When he first started the internship, Tom told Mark that he believed he would not be able to get his head around doing a 9-to-5 working environment.

However, after a few waves at the start of the programme, Mark said Tom really knuckled down and became motivated to do his best and secure a job.

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