Camping with Cerebral Palsy Is Fun and Challenging – Cerebral Palsy News Today

Camping isn’t on the top 10 list of activities for people with disabilities. Growing up, I went to a summer camp for children with disabilities, but I stayed in cabins with bathrooms. Five years ago, my husband asked me to go camping. I didn’t think it would work out, but I agreed to give it a chance. Camping with cerebral palsy makes me smile — and cringe.

I’m won’t be dishonest. The first camping experience we went on had bathroom inaccessibility problems, tent complications, baby issues, and rain. But my husband tried the best he could, and it wasn’t all horrible. My daughter loved the lake surrounded by the beach. She enjoyed the playground and the activities at the campsite. I fell in love with the taste of food cooked by a campfire. The time away together is always welcomed. But at the time, I swore that I wouldn’t go camping again!

Five years later, I had some kind of enlightenment. A few weeks ago, after my husband left for work, I lay in bed before starting my day and thought about summer vacation. An image appeared in my mind of the children sitting on the beach, happily playing. I heard the giggling in our tent. A feeling of joy overcame me at the thought of no technology and just one-on-one family time. I quickly texted my husband: “Let’s go camping!”

He sent me a slew of texts in excitement. My decision shocked both of us. We researched and emailed campsites, asking about accessibility and amenities. After contacting several places, we concluded that Beachcomber Camping Resort by Cape May, New Jersey, would be our best bet for everything we wanted to accomplish on vacation. My husband, Jeff, researched camping sites endlessly. Beachcomber has many enjoyable amenities. Sand surrounds a lake, a playground, and a pool, and there are activities to keep everyone busy.

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