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PETALING JAYA: Author and motivational speaker Yvonne Foong has released her second book, a direct sequel to her first autobiography which details her struggles with a rare genetic disorder Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2).

The book, called “I’m Not Sick, Just A Bit Unwell – Life with Neurofibromatosis, Book 2”, also uses the same title as her first book.

“This is so that readers can find my books easily by using the same title,” she said to FMT when contacted.
NF2 has rendered Foong completely deaf, blind in the left eye and partially blind in the right eye. Furthermore, the genetic condition makes tumours grow at random at any part of her body, and a spine surgery has damaged several nerves, affecting the use of her right leg.

She had first suffered from NF2 symptoms at the tender age of 13.

Foong will also have her books translated in foreign languages in future and it will soon be available for free in digital format.

“At the end of these ebooks, there is a page that tells people how they can buy the original English version in hard copy.

“So the ebooks will benefit more people and lead to my English book sales as well,” she said.
The ebooks will soon be available for download at website

According to Foong, her second book will discuss her turbulent childhood and her family struggles when her father suffered from a brain haemorrhage.

“This can explain why I have an uncommon inner strength and what made me so determined to preserve my quality of life.

“Book 2 continues from age 19 until the current stage where I am building a foundation to assist NF patients get life-saving treatments.”

Foong plans to set up a foundation in the US to provide financial aid and medical help to NF2 patients around the world.

Her book will discuss several important themes, among which is independence, human nature, gratitude and responsibility.

“I want to show that it is possible to heal from our childhood traumas and inner demons, and become a better person.

“It is easy to help others in good times. But, can we still love and remain helpful when people are hurtful? I faced this question many times in my journey.

“These are a series of tests for me to grow in life. I hope this would inspire others too.”
Meanwhile, Foong is also currently seeking to contact five individuals who reside in Southern California, to be a part of her foundation’s board of directors.

“Ideally, they should be residing around Southern California because everyone has to be present at board meetings.
“I also need a US address to register the foundation too. If there are any Malaysians living in Southern California who would like to be on the board, please volunteer yourselves.”

Anyone interested to volunteer at her foundation in future can contact her at

Her books are available at RM20 per piece. Malaysians who are interested to purchase her book can contact her via her email.

Source: Blind and deaf author launches second autobiography – Free Malaysia Today

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