Ayrshire grandad struck down by rare Lyme Disease takes battle to have health condition recognised all the way to Holyrood – Scottish Daily Record

A grandad’s battle to have his rare health condition recognised has gone all the way to parliament.

Peter Hill, 64, is fighting to raise awareness of Lyme Disease – amid claims the illness went undetected by doctors.

The infection, spread by ticks, can lead to severe neurological problems.

But sufferers like Peter insist the debilitating condition needs tackled on a far wider scale.

The Patna author said: “I formed a self-help group two years ago, simply because I didn’t feel there was enough support for people in my position.

“LymeDiseaseAlba was the first group of its kind to Scotland to help people in my position.

“Sometimes empathy and a listening ear can make all the difference – especially when words fall on the deaf ears and closed minds of those who have a duty of care towards us.”

Peter, who believes he was bitten four years ago, has since suffered the severe effects of the undiagnosed disease.

Symptoms, which can lie dormant for years, include joint pains, tingling and shooting pains in the arms and legs.

And politicians in Edinburgh have now been petitioned to raise the profile, with an inaugural Lyme Disease Awareness week taking place.

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