Attleborough teenager with Down’s syndrome overcomes prejudice to star in BBC sitcom – Eastern Daily Press

From then on acting professionally became the dream but on his journey he has faced prejudice once people discover that he has Down’s Syndrome.

Thomas, 16, has since gone on to prove those people wrong after recently starring in an episode of BBC Two’s Upstart Crow along side some of the biggest names in British comedy including David Mitchell, Harry Enfield and Liza Tarbuck.

But for Thomas, his mother Carol Smith explains, he has been able to look past the prejudice as he just wants to act.

Mrs Smith said: “I would contact groups regarding both my sons and there would be places but the minute I said one of them has Down’s Syndrome the places were gone.

“I had one group say they have stairs so it would not be possible with his disability. I’m hardened to it now and I expect it, one person I argued with for an hour saying their group was not suitable.”

Thomas used to perform magic with his brother Harry, 15, a student at Wymondham College, both in amateur groups and appearing on CBBC’s Turbo Boost.

They are both continuing to perform in dramatic groups with Harry studying drama at GCSE. Thomas said that he enjoyed his time in London and, although he did not know who he was, liked working with David Mitchell.

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