Family launches desperate appeal for £100,000 Multiple Sclerosis treatment – Daily Gazette

Appeal for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment for Man Who is Bedridden

A campaign has been launched to raise £100,000 to get a man living with Multiple Sclerosis vital stem cell treatment.
Richard Hollingsworth has been living with the debilitating neurological condition for about five years. He was diagnosed by a doctor after suffering with aches and pains all over his body a number of years before.

Mr Hollingsworth, 51, is now living at the Seven Rivers care home in Great Bromley, as he can no longer take care of himself. His stepdad, Derek Allen, said his only hope of recovery is to get a stem cell transplant. However, it will cost £100,000 perform the operation abroad.

They want to raise money, as the operation is his only hope. An assessment will need to be done first but they want to ensure they have the money ready to have the procedure.
Currently, Richard has been bedridden and virtually has no life anymore. The treatment is the last chance of having a normal life.

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